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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Your Intro to Cloth Diapers!!

So My BFF since childhood was telling me all about her Cloth Diaper (CD) Bonanza, and guess what? She got me started too!! She has one child in diapers, and I have two.  So she thought she would save me some bang if she sent me some to try out, and she did, two boxes full plus more!! ALL the way from North Carolina!!!:) Wow she really loves me!!! Anyway I'm hooked, and I thought I would share this for all you mama's out there who have little ones and may have been thinking the same same thing I was when I first heard ppl were still

.....There are all different types of CD's but the All in Ones (AIO) seem to be mine and my Hubby's Favorite... They are most like Disposables... Here is a pic..

Thirsties AIO

So there are snaps in the front so you can adjust the size for baby...

Then People always ask about the messy diaper clean up... Well you will need a sprayer hooked to your commode, aka a personal or you can take them outside and spray them off with the hose like my hubby  does ..haha

here is a sprayer

there are all different types, this is just a pic of one I found.... So you just power spray off the poo in the toilet.. and throw it in your diaper pail, bucket or wet bag (holds in wet items ) ....Then
you wash them... there are Special detergent s you use for Cd's, but you only use about 1Tbs at a time because it is it lasts a long time... I would also throw in an enzyme cleaner to make sure all the bacteria is gone.. here is the CD Detergent I would recommed ...

Rocking Green

and an enzyme cleaner added to the wash

And your all set .....Wash and  REuse!! and when your done you you can resell usually at Half cost or more!!   Remember CD's are a Big investment..but do it right and you will save Much more money in the long run vs using Disposables and you can resell them.. so you actually get some of your money back!!  :)

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