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First off I have to say, I serve an Awesome God, without Him I could not get thru the daily struggles that life brings. Speaking of "life", I am married to the most Hard Working, most Ambitious Man Ever!  He has built his insurance company from ground 0.  I am very proud to be his wife. We have three Beautiful, Hilarious, Sweet and sometimes Sassy Girls. Sometimes I wake up and wonder how my life got this Wild, but without them, my life would be empty. I look forward to their happy, fresh, morning faces, smiles and all. I love when they come snuggle in my bed till we are all ready to start the day. Life is Never Dull, and rarely boring!  I get so excited to see them play, and discover new things from their point of view. I love the T- ball games, Ballet classes, Recitals,watching how they interact with others, and reply to questions with a well thought out answer.  Of course I will have to give you some examples of their recent conversations.. :

My friend was over visiting and she asked Natalie (4.5 at the time ) "How did you get so pretty?"
and my little Natalie replied without a thought "God made me that way".....That melted me :)

Lila, our middle child, has just turned 2. Her older sister dubbed her 'Goosey Goo Goo' as a nick name when she was just a baby, and as much as I hate to admit it, it stuck,and we now call her 'Goose' at home. SO as I was changing her diaper I asked her "Lila, are you the baby?"  "No" she replied, so I asked "Are you a big sister?" again she replied "NO" I said "well what are you?" ... " a Duck" she said..

Another funny on Natalie:
 Natalie got the "Caregiver Barbie" today, and on the ad insert in the box she saw "Dr.Barbie" and said she wanted her next, so to appease the situation I told her I had one when I was a girl and went to the garage to pull out my old Barbie stuff, in the bag was an OLD Ken doll "the original model" and Natalie said "Hey where did you get that TOY STORY MAN?" haha

Oh Yeah! I almost forgot the most important part!!! I am a stay at home mom of all three!  ( 5yr old, 2 yr old and 7 month old!)  I went to a couponing class about 2.5 years ago, and I love the Thrill of a Great Deal!  It makes me happy to think that I can get Quality Items for my family and still not go over budget!

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