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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Coolest Baby/Kid Items!!!

Ship See Saw Swing (indoor/outdoor)
holds up to 175 lbs

click here to find it Amazon

Something I am definitely thinking of adding to our swing set, but even great for inside play in cold climates! I also read that this is a great for kids who need Autism Sensory Therapy :)


Do you ever wish you could give your baby or toddler a swig out of your water bottle without making a mess? Maybe while driving, or if your child is like mine they just want to hold the drink bottle,but they always end up spilling it, or making a mess.... Not any more!!! Check this out!

Water bottle adapter (by green sprouts)

I found mine at Earth's Fare Supermarket about $3-$4


This next one is my 'Most Used Item' for babies 5-36 months or up to (35lbs) 
Before I owned this Sling it was hard to get through the daily grind taking care of 2 other children plus a 7 month old baby who constantly needed my attention.  If your baby loves to be held, but you find it hard to cook, clean, do laundry, shop, take a walk, without baby crying or having to choose between the two and feeling like you have let your child down because, hey, your family has to eat, and ya need clean clothes.....  look no further! 

click here to find it on Amazon        I got mine at Target and it was the best $24-$34 I EVER spent!

-------------------------------------------OH I ALMOST FORGOT!!------------------

The new Graco 12 position Grow with Me Double Stroller!

 You can change the position of the rear seat, even take it out for a bench seat for older children who like to stand and ride!!

Graco Ready 2 Grow 

 You can find it here on Amazon      I also found it at Babies R Us (don't forget your coupon!)

This next Cool thing is for women only (men-if you are actually reading my blog, look away!)
**********women only************

Now introducing the DIVA CUP!!

   Evolution of the Menstrual Gear For Women:  It Goes as follows;
1. A piece of Lamb wool hide...Wool side up, and squeeze those cheeks!
2.home made "cotton stuffed in a linen bag" pads
3. Cotton wrapped in linen with a string tied to the end homemade tampons
4. Manufacture Feminine Products....A Bulky Pad and Button Belt (1940's)
5. More name Brands Pads and Tampons..As we know it
6. The Diva Cup  - No leaking insert it and forget about your period! (or well, almost! :))  **also forgot to mention it's reusable**

       They come in 2 sizes, which are only 1/8th of an inch difference, 1 before age 30 and no vaginal births, and 2 over 30 or any vaginal births...

I also found this at Earth's Fare supermarket, but the price was substantially higher!

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